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Which brand of Hunan fresh milk has a good reputation?

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Youshi’s products are relatively good. There are many kinds in his family, including pasteurized fresh milk, children’s growth milk, naked yogurt, old yogurt and ice cream yogurt. Or Hunan athletes milk

is your fresh milk completely qualified? I used to believe it, but now I don’t believe it. After drinking Youshi fresh milk for a year, I always feel good. I drank a dead moth in the fresh milk two days ago. I feel sick and vomiting. I don’t want to drink milk anymore. I complain to the factory that it’s impossible and don’t pay attention to the unmanned workshop. I ask for help. The cow milk bottle is still kept


aoniu fresh milk bar
catering and drinks · 100 branches
investment amount: 10000 ~ 50000
online consultation
aoniu fresh milk bar is a brand subordinate to Fujian aoniu dairy company. Aoniu fresh milk bar is a fast food and beverage mainly engaged in fresh milk, including cover of fresh dairy products, bread, snack and other delicious snacks. Aoniu fresh milk bar is a brand subordinate to Fujian aoniu dairy company. Aoniu fresh milk bar is a fast-food restaurant mainly engaged in fresh milk, including fresh dairy products, bread, leisure snacks and other delicious foods. In September 2012, the “Australian cow fresh milk bar” was opened in Fuzhou “Chain industry. At present, the fresh milk bar is developing healthily and rapidly. After several months of efforts, it now has 10 stores, which has become a part of people’s life. Moreover, it continues to expand to Fuzhou, Lianjiang, Fuqing, Changle, Minhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Ningde, Putian and other regions, and its products are becoming more and more famous in the same industry.
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real fresh milk bar joins
catering drinks · 210 points Investment amount: 100000 ~ 200000
online consultation
Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wenzhou Yiming Food Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992. It is a key leading enterprise engaged in dairy farming, dairy products, baking production and sales. He was appointed as the technology creation center of leading enterprises of spark plan, the top 100 private enterprises serving the construction of new countryside in China, a trusted unit of consumers in Zhejiang Province, an agricultural science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province and many other honors. Yiming real milk bar has an advanced modern pasture – Taishun alpine pasture. It introduces high-quality forage and improved dairy cows from Australia and uses advanced feeding technology to produce high-quality milk. At present, Yiming real fresh milk bar has 80% of the milk supply in Wenzhou. In order to improve the quality of milk supply, Yiming real fresh milk bar has established a livestock management system in many aspects, such as pasture management, pasture planting, feed processing and dairy cattle feeding. It gives priority to the method of “company + farmer”, and establishes standard milk stations, dairy communities and pasture parks, Vigorously promote the cow feeding mode of “individual pasture + pasture Park + modern milk station”, realize the transformation of cow feeding industry to scientific and standardized business mode, and create a new mode for the construction of cow breeding and high-quality milk source base of Wenzhou dairy industry. At present, Yiming real milk bar has two invention patents and seven design patents. Its series of products have been rated as good agricultural products and recommended products by the provincial consumption Committee. In 2008, the company invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a modern industrial park integrating production, life, study and entertainment in Yishan, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In 2012, the company invested another 150 million yuan in the construction of phase II project of Yiming Industrial Park, which changed the traditional dairy processing mode and adopted advanced ideas to realize the automation of dairy production and the automation of main functional areas. Yiming real fresh milk bar will have extremely advanced dairy processing equipment and production lines in the world. It is estimated that by 2015, the daily output of fresh milk will reach 450 tons and the annual output capacity will reach 165000 tons. Yiming real milk bar has a strong sales network system and strong product radiation. Over the years, the company insists on actively improving the quality of products and services, takes advocating scientific and healthy eating habits as its own responsibility, and leads the consumption modes of “School Milk Plan”, “delivering milk home”, “real fresh milk bar” in the same industry all over the country. In May 2002, Yiming real milk bar opened the chain industry of “Yiming real milk bar” nationwide. At present, Yiming real milk bar is developing healthily and rapidly, with more than 500 stores. In 2010, the company actively expanded its foreign business and expanded Yiming real milk bar chain stores to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. Qualified results were achieved in foreign market expansion, marking the success of the trial implementation of Yiming real milk bar’s “going global” strategy and laying a solid foundation for the national chain operation. The company has more than 3500 employees, including nearly 400 engineering and technical personnel with college degree or above and nearly 500 marketing and management personnel. The staff team is developing towards knowledge, specialization and professionalism. At present, the group organization of the party, the working group and the league is sound; Library, reading room, fitness and other leisure and entertainment facilities are complete; The theme of corporate culture is distinct, and cultural and recreational activities are rich and colorful; “Love and mutual assistance Association” is full of emotion. Yiming real milk bar has an atmosphere of “dedication, professionalism and occupation” and an enterprise culture of “unity, harmony, positivity and integrity”, a modern enterprise management system combining the professional strong man system with “family culture” with 4R as the habit, and establishes a qualified atmosphere advocating priority and a healthy and warm home culture. The company has its own internal network, which provides employees with a platform for sharing love and wisdom. Everyone precipitates their own work summary on the platform, and learns and grows from each other
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Yipin fresh milk bar
catering milk tea · 100 branches
investment amount: 100000 ~ 200000
online consultation
after years of development, the prototype of industrialization and integration of Yipin fresh milk bar has begun to take shape, and the development of Yipin fresh milk bar has driven the development of technical training, technical services, equipment R & D, equipment production, new product development, Yipin fresh milk bar store decoration and other related industries. One product one product one product one product fresh milk bar integrates the traditional manufacturing method of dairy products into the modern store culture, takes advocating healthy food and strengthening the body of Chinese people as the enterprise goal, adopts the transparent business model of making and selling on the spot, makes every effort to build the domestic hand-made yogurt business, and introduces sour milk & amp; According to the cultural concept of bar culture, the product is positioned to reject yogurt products with any food additives. The product line involves more than 100 kinds of products in the 13th series such as yogurt, drinks and desserts, creating a new unique sales mode of one product, one product, one fresh milk bar and one product, one fresh milk bar. As a new catering industry and a new thing, Yipin Yipin fresh milk bar is in the initial stage of development, with short growth time and low maturity. There is still a lack of supporting and standardized technical specifications and policy m
easures in terms of operation and supervision of Yipin Yipin fresh milk bar. In terms of operation and development of Yipin Yipin fresh milk bar, there are still too many and excessive stores and disorderly development in some places; Illegal operation, unclear and irregular milk source; The quality of personnel is not high and the operation is not standardized; Mercenary and dishonest. The problems of unclear responsibilities and inadequate supervision of regulatory authorities exist at the same time in some places. These phenomena and problems are problems in development and progress. With the joint efforts of all sectors of society, it can be solved with reform ideas and means. Pure fresh milk comes from the organic pasture of Guyuan Bashang in Zhangjiakou. All stores produce pasteurized fresh milk, yogurt, double skin milk, sundae, ice cream, milkshake and other drinks on site, and refuse to add any thickener and preservative. National chain franchise includes all production equipment, free learning technology and whole store output. Superior products insist on making milk around you
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Fonterra fresh milk bar
catering and beverage · 100 branches
investment amount: 10000 ~ 50000
online consultation

Yiduo fresh milk bar
catering and beverage · 100 branches
investment amount: 10000 ~ 50000

Hunan doesn’t know much about fresh milk brands. Can you recommend some.

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