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Which companies belong to the ICP industry

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which businesses need to apply for ICP license
1. Information instant interaction service type website
2. Information search and query service type websites
3. Websites that operate games, game recharge websites and other types of websites
4. Recruitment websites
5. Information publishing websites
mainly include information publishing platform and delivery service, information search and query service, information community platform service, information instant interaction service, information protection and processing service, etc.
for example, classified information website, social platform, talent recruitment, paid download, website production and other websites
special industry websites involving pre-approval, such as games, music, live broadcast, animation, news, online literature, online academic reports, online e-magazines, videos, education, medical and health information, drug information, medical devices and other industries involving pre-approval, need to obtain the approval documents of the competent department of the industry and then apply for ICP license
I hope the above answers can help you. If you have specific requirements for certificate processing, you can consult the corresponding agency, such as Alibaba cloud platform on their official website.

ICP is the certificate to be handled by the Internet information service provider. Also called value-added business license or ICP license
ICP certificate is the certificate to be handled by Internet enterprises
search engines such as Baidu and Sogou, portals such as Sina and Netease, e-commerce websites such as Taobao and, 58, Ganji classified information websites, etc. all companies involved in operating activities on the Internet need to apply for ICP certificate and belong to the ICP industry
at present, the ICP industry has expanded to the mobile Internet. Companies providing mobile Internet services also belong to the ICP industry. Such as UC browser and 360 mobile guard.

according to the policy of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China:
(1) ICP certificate is mainly for domestic websites. If the transaction function of online payment (including self operated transaction and platform entry transaction) is available, it is best to apply for ICP certificate
(2) if it is an app, the transaction function of online payment (including proprietary trading and platform entry trading) and the enterprise has plans to list at home and abroad, it is also recommended to apply for ICP certificate. The specific procedures can be found on Alibaba cloud website
(3) after the penetration of shareholders, there are or no foreign shareholders, corresponding to the domestic capital application process and foreign capital application process of ICP certificate respectively
(4) some websites belong to pure platform type. If they have the function of merchant settlement and transaction, they also need to apply for EDI certificate
(5) ICP certificate and EDI certificate are a way for the Ministry of industry and information technology to supervise the business compliance of trading websites or app enterprises. If you do not handle it, you will rashly go online to operate. On the one hand, there is a risk of policy violations. On the other hand, it will also give your competitors the opportunity to report
(6) some Internet companies that have gone through the listing or IPO process are forced to postpone the meeting and bring a series of other very serious consequences because the qualification certificates required for relevant business compliance are not successfully handled on the final date (or meeting date) of the planned listing or IPO meeting materials. There are also some Internet companies that have gambling agreements on the time point of business launch in the financing process, but they do not get the qualification and go online in compliance before the gambling time point, resulting in financing failure or gambling failure. Over the past 10 years, in the field of Internet, we have served more than 200000 domestic Internet and technology enterprises and seen too many cases of violation, being reported, affecting IPO listing or financing.

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