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Which food packaging pictures have you been deceived by?

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when it comes to the deceptive cover of food packaging, the most famous and well-known is definitely instant noodles. Anyone who has been innocent will be deceived by the packaging of instant noodles. It looks like it’s full of appetite. When I make it, it’s not a grade at all. I don’t see where the meat is. I see a few vegetable leaves


I don’t know if you have ever bought this kind of chocolate bread. The full chocolate sandwich in the pattern makes people feel like they want to buy it. They think the packaging pattern is very attractive, but after you buy it, you can taste it to know how inconsistent the picture is with the real object. This is completely to trick people. There is no chocolate sandwich in this bread


SpongeBob is a childhood memory of many people. I believe I often saw SpongeBob cartoons when I was young. SpongeBob’s wit and loveliness are deeply loved by many people. But this ice cream can also be made into SpongeBob’s appearance, which makes me very curious. Unexpectedly, I was startled after opening the wrapping paper

the most common misleading trick is to use extremely luxurious and huge packaging when the quantity of products is very small, as if you were eating the packaging bag instead of the food inside. Many manufacturers will explain that there is a reason to put food in such a large package, which can effectively prevent food from being crushed

this kind of bread doesn’t look much different from the packaging pattern, but when you cut it out and look at it, you know how cunning these unscrupulous merchants are. Half of the bread is solid and the other half is hollow

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