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Which Shenzhen automatic sealing machine manufacturer is good?

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the manufacturer of automatic sealing machine recommends Shenzhen Shuangcheng intelligent packaging. Shenzhen Shuangcheng intelligent packaging equipment is an independent research and development of a series of special packaging equipment and automatic assembly line packaging equipment. The products are widely used in, electronics, light industry, postal service, food, storage, wood products, tobacco, rubber and other industries.

the automatic sealing machine is an automatic packaging equipment, which can seal the top and bottom of the carton at one time
how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise sealing machines:
first, service standards are very important for manufacturers using automation equipment and a good after-sales and pre-sales service
2. Professional level of personnel. If people can’t tell their own products clearly, it will be more troublesome
Third, the production strength of the enterprise
IV. type of sealing machine: before purchasing the sealing machine, you must communicate with the manufacturer and select the suitable equipment for your own use.
at present, the sealing machines mainly include: automatic cover removal sealing machine series, pneumatic adjustment sealing machine series, automatic sealing machine series, corner sealing machine series, four corner sealing machine, I-shaped sealing machine, etc. the sealing methods can be divided into: up and down drive, left and right drive, side drive, corner, etc, Transparent tape and kraft paper are generally used
for detailed information on equipment parameters, you can search Baidu guangkuo packaging to the official website.

I think it depends on the price and brand

Dongguan Lianke packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is recommended. The company was founded in 1996, specializing in the production of automatic packaging equipment and packaging materials. It has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the packaging machinery industry and is skilled in technology. The main products are automatic sealing machine, various sealing machines, heat shrinkable packaging machine, full-automatic wrapping machine, full-automatic packer and other equipment, as well as PP packing belt, pet packing belt, PE end belt, PE stretch film and other packaging consumables. Products are widely used in electronics, home appliances, toys, hardware, furniture, lighting, paper products and other industries. Exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries.


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