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Why can’t you buy the bagged chili oil a few years ago?

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you can’t buy the bagged spicy oil a few years ago. The packaging may have been changed or the manufacturer doesn’t produce it. Of course, you can’t buy it.

you can’t buy the bagged oil chili you bought a few years ago. Because of this kind of spicy oil, it is no longer sold in the market. I don’t have a natural birth anymore, so I bought it.

How did you get your bagged chili oil? Some things are really good to use, but they do disappear and will not be produced.

a few years ago, bagged oil spilled spicy seeds. If you can’t buy them now, it means that they are no longer popular. There may be no production, no sales, and few purchases on the market. That’s why this situation occurs


in the past, there were such things in bags, but compared with modern times, they are generally large bottles, and they may buy a little less.

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