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Why do some Chinese medicine pills not write the shelf life? Does it have a shelf life?

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theoretically, the shelf life of traditional Chinese medicine is indeed very long as it does not become moldy and grow insects. However, once the traditional Chinese medicine is made into pills, that is, after the Chinese patent medicine, it is no longer a pure traditional Chinese medicine after adding many other chemical components, additives or some western medicine components. Therefore, at present, all Chinese patent medicines are required to have a clear shelf life. After the expiration of the shelf life, it is best not to take it out of caution, Many people from traditional Chinese medicine think it doesn’t matter, hehe, but from the perspective of Western medicine, I suggest not to eat it> it can be concluded whether the Chinese patent medicine has deteriorated or not
first, look at its shape. If the shape loses its fixed shape, such as the original powder or granule, which is now glued into a ball or deliquescent into a paste, or the capsule becomes flat and uneven, and the hand feels wet and sticky, it is a manifestation of deterioration. 2、 Look at its color. The discoloration of tablets, capsules, sugar coated tablets, water agents and syrup is the manifestation of deterioration. 3、 Taste it. If the syrup turns sour and the pills and tablets have peculiar smell, it is the result of deterioration. 4、 Smell it. Chinese patent medicines have their own unique smell. If they have the smell of rancidity and mildew, it is also the result of deterioration.

traditional Chinese medicine pills generally have a long shelf life. They can be taken as long as there is no discoloration or mildew.

the traditional Chinese medicine pill is sealed with wax oil. As long as there is no insect column and the pill does not harden after opening the pill, you can take it

traditional Chinese medicine can be eaten as long as it doesn’t get moldy, hairy and insects.
Br /> the batch number and the retail date of the drug should be indicated on the packaging of the drug, regardless of the production date. If not, the relevant departments will not be able to supervise, and the state will not ignore such basic issues in formulating laws and policies
if the expiration date (or commonly known as shelf life) is not specified, it may be caused by irregular drugs or split sales of drugs.


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