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Why should some drugs be packed in aluminum

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in order to improve the shelf life of drugs
most drugs are easily oxidized, decomposed, deteriorated and afraid of light, so high barrier packaging materials are required
aluminum has strong barrier property, so some drugs with poor chemical stability are generally packaged with aluminum. It also has the characteristics of good shading, moisture-proof, air tightness, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. The structure of alumina is very dense, which can protect the internal aluminum from oxidation and prevent the chemical reaction between drugs and packaging materials
why not use plastic packaging ointment
Plastic packaging has a high permeability coefficient to itch and carbon monoxide
plastic products are generally organic materials, which are easy to age
some plastics can pass through trace light and ultraviolet rays because they are transparent or translucent
the ointment packed in plastic will rebound after extruding the ointment and inhale air into the medicine tube. The good calenderability of aluminum material will not inhale air after extruding the ointment
ingredients filtered out of plastics may contaminate drugs
to sum up, if the ointment is packaged in plastic, it will accelerate the aging and deterioration of drugs and reduce the shelf life. All countries are more cautious in the use of plastic materials
of course, compared with metal, plastic also has many advantages, such as not easy to break, low cost and so on
with the continuous emergence of new materials, new processes, new technologies and new products, plastic materials will solve various disadvantages sooner or later. At present, pharmaceutical plastic packaging materials are accelerating their development and have broad prospects. Better packaging materials may replace aluminum packaging, and even nano packaging materials will appear in the future.

most drugs are easy to oxidize, absorb moisture, decompose and deteriorate, while aluminum foil packaging has good light shielding and compactness, which can protect the inner packaging drugs from oxidation, absorb moisture and deterioration, and has good ductility, easy production, easy disassembly and low cost. Most of the medicinal aluminum foil is in the form of aluminum-plastic composite film to obtain better moisture resistance and flexibility, and the hygienic performance of drugs is also considered.

aluminum foil, also known as tinfoil, has high molecular density, can isolate air and light, and has good tightness. In addition, it also has good calendering, which is easy to produce and disassemble. When taking medicine, the aluminum foil paper will break with a slight button, which is very convenient. Aluminum foil not only has these characteristics, but also is not easy to carry bacteria due to its smooth surface, thus ensuring the hygiene of tablets to a certain extent

another reason is that the validity period of drugs is determined through various tests and studies. Extreme storage conditions or the state after opening will lead to shorter validity period. The best drug packaging should be dark, dry and single dose. However, single dose is the most expensive. Such packaging is the result of balancing cost and effectiveness.


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