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Will it affect the human body to eat vacuum packaged food for a long time?

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long term consumption of vacuum packaged food will cause great harm to the body. Liver is the main target organ of perfluorinated compounds. Perfluorinated compounds can bind to proteins and store in blood and liver, resulting in the enlargement of hepatocytes and the increase of triglycerides; Lead to excessive production of various enzymes in the liver and disrupt liver metabolism; Even induce liver tumors. In addition, perfluorinated compounds have neurotoxicity to human body, affect development, reduce resistance, interfere with hormone secretion and so on. Therefore, in order to avoid the potential harm of perfluorinated compounds, it is best to eat less takeout food

hazards of long-term consumption of vacuum packaged food

1. The total number of colonies exceeds the standard

the total number of colonies is one of the indicators reflecting the health status. If the hygienic conditions of food production are poor, the total number of colonies is likely to exceed the standard, which not only affects the taste, but also means that other spoilage bacteria and even pathogenic bacteria may exceed the standard


2. Oxidation

the peroxide value exceeding the standard is one of the reasons for the disqualification of quick-frozen noodles and rice products. Experts said that this indicates that there may be problems in the raw materials, fat oxidation may occur, and the food exceeding the standard may have a Khara taste, so we should be careful when buying. After dumplings and other quick-frozen noodles and rice products are bought home, because they are stored for too long or not eaten in time after opening the bag, there will be individual cracking and oxidation, resulting in the loss of the original flavor and even deterioration of the food

3. Loss of vitamins and other nutrients

the ideal storage temperature of quick-frozen food is – 18 ℃, but the freezer of ordinary household refrigerator can rarely maintain this temperature, and some even only about – 8 ℃. If there are too many things, it is more difficult to meet the storage conditions. In addition, the longer the storage time, the more serious the loss.

if you eat vacuum packaged food for a long time, it will have an impact on the human body. I hope my answer can help you pay attention to your diet in order to be healthy

[acidic food]
foods with more minerals such as sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine have acidic final metabolites in the body
including: protein rich meat, fish, poultry, eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts in cereals and hard fruits
knd tip: our so-called acidic food is not sour food. Sour fruit leaves some minerals after metabolism in the body, so it is also alkaline. Relatively speaking, there are more acidic foods in daily diet. They will acidify body fluids, break the normal acid-base balance, and even form acidic constitution. Acidic constitution is the real source of all diseases!

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