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Will peanuts go moldy in vacuum packaging

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Will peanuts go moldy in vacuum packaging

peanuts can’t go mouldy without water. It’s very important whether there is any water in the vacuum packaging of peanuts after cooking. If there is water, it’s a troublesome thing. Because the vacuum packaging machine can only vacuum the product, if you want to keep the product longer, you may need to add a little additive. Although the vacuum packaging machine can discharge the gas in the product, there is no way to discharge the water in the product. It is recommended to dry it first and then vacuum packaging, so that the shelf life can be guaranteed for a long time. Just like drunkard peanuts, they are also packaged by vacuum packaging machine, but they are packaged after shelling. In addition, the peanut kernel is dry, and there are a lot of salt. In fact, adding salt has a shelf life. Then, after vacuum packaging, the shelf life of drunkard peanuts can be extended by 18 months.

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