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Will the printing company go bankrupt? Delaru is the world’s largest money printing company. Why is it on the verge of bankruptcy?

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delaru is the world’s largest money printing company, but it is also a private enterprise. its source of profit is related to the number of printed coins and orders. With the recent rise of mobile payment, their orders have been greatly reduced , so the company is short of funds and is on the verge of bankruptcy

The delaru company was founded in 1821. Since 1860, he has been the first brother of the global banknote printing company since helping the UK print sterling. In the glorious period, Delaware even cooperated with 140 countries around the world, and 36% of the world’s paper money came from Delaware printing company such a company looks very profitable and is unlikely to go bankrupt, but the current economic crisis and cashless payment have had a huge impact on the company

after the emergence of smart phones, electronic payment has become an indispensable necessity in people’s daily life. For example, 80% of our young people in China are no longer willing to take their wallets when they go out. They can travel around the world with only one mobile phone, and electronic payment is used by more and more people in foreign countries. Denmark has not printed new paper money since the past few years, and declared that its country has entered a cashless state. Therefore, in this case, although delaru has a long history, it has no large orders to maintain its own company’s survival compared with the past


in addition to the business of paper money printing, delaru has another major business, that is, making passports. However, the UK plans to produce a new version of passports after brexit, but delaru did not get this opportunity. Instead, the order was robbed by competitors, so delaru lost another major company’s economic source of input . So now delau company is unable to make ends meet and is on the verge of bankruptcy

companies that print money may indeed go bankrupt, which is related to their orders.

companies that print money will go bankrupt because they are also a business and money is not printed casually.

every company in the world will face the risk of bankruptcy, which is not absolute.

this possibility exists because processing banknotes does not mean that you have the right to use banknotes.

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