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Working principle of corn straw baler

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as a better coarse feed, corn straw is very useful for raising ruminants. It not only has large output and low price, but also can increase the absorption rate of refined feed by ruminants. However, the bundling, transportation and use of corn straw are real problems that have to be solved, and the best way to solve this problem is to use mechanical equipment instead of labor, Therefore, the corn straw baler has been developed. The following is a detailed introduction to the working principle of the straw baler
working principle of corn straw baler
1. First pass one end of the rope through the small hole above the clamping plate and wrap it on the rope bale rotating rod next to it
2. Put the corn straw in the circular arc groove, use the foot pedal to drive the pull rod to move downward, and the pull rod pulls the clamping plate to move and clamp the corn straw
3. Remove the rope end fixed on the clamping plate head, knot it, and then cut the rope with a knife
4. The baler can bale at both ends or in the middle. The structural principle of Baling at both ends is the same. After baling, remove the bound corn straw and carry out the baling operation of the next corn straw. This operation is relatively convenient and simple
5. The corn straw baler is the most efficient when operated by 2 ~ 3 people. One person is specially responsible for putting the corn straw on the corn straw baler, and the other 1 ~ 2 people are specially responsible for bundling and removing the bundled corn straw. In this way, both ends of the bundled corn straw can be tied tightly, so the space occupying volume is small during storage and transportation, which saves space and improves the transportation efficiency
6. Compared with other large machinery, the corn straw baler is cheap, convenient and applicable. It is not limited by the size of land area and is suitable for use in mountainous areas.

corn straw baler video v.youku/v_ show/id_
cotton straw baling video v.youku/v_ show/id_

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